Our project . . .

by David Perry

The 50 Mile Bouquet

You may be surprised at the complexity of the story we will begin to tell here, this beautiful tale woven from a hundred unique and conscientious strands; dedicated flower farmers, floral designers, home gardeners, and yes, even those hunter-gatherers who wander the woods and glades to bring us wild-grown elements of form and foliage.

To view our 24-page prototype BLAD*, with its original, “A Fresh Bouquet” working title, click on the image below.

Meet the women and men who lovingly grow, gather and arrange those temporal, floral beauties that adorn our celebrations, our feasts and unions, our partings, our declarations of love and loyalty, our gratitude, our sorrows . . . our daily kitchen tables. Theirs are the flowers within which we may safely bury our noses, over which we may ever so lightly run our fingers, and with which we may grace our dinner tables, all without a care.

As we have stepped into their worlds to understand their stories, we have come to think of many of them almost as magicians. We hope you will enjoy learning about their worlds and passions as much as we have, and that you will come to appreciate the complexities of all they must tackle throughout the course of a year to make our worlds as safe and stunningly beautiful as possible.

We welcome you to this unfolding glimpse of ‘The 50 Mile Bouquet’, and invite you to follow along with us here at the50milebouquet.com as we continue to build their collected stories into the definitive, organic flower-growing, gathering and design guide!

* BLAD: a publishing acronym to denote “Book Layout and Design.