Meet the Ambassador of Local Flowers

by Debra Prinzing March 19, 2012 Come along with us on a farm visit

FLOWER FAN(ATIC) The local flower world has many supporters, but among them there are only a few singular individuals who should be called Local Flower Ambassadors. One of them is Kasey Cronquist, CEO/Ambassador of the California Cut Flower Commission. Last month, during a week spent scouting gardens and architecture in Los Angeles, I spent a […]

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Getting some great press for The 50 Mile Bouquet

by Debra Prinzing March 13, 2012 The Book Project

This just in . . . A special thanks to the editors at Garden Design magazine who published an early piece about The 50 Mile Bouquet for their April 2012 issue – on newsstands now. Here’s a peek:  

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Local flowers coast to coast

by Debra Prinzing March 12, 2012 The Book Project

Sustainability Terms and Local Flower Resources Hello listeners of Martha Stewart Living Radio. Today’s conversation with Martha’s gardening editorial director Stephen Orr included a mention of sustainability terms used in our forthcoming book, The 50 Mile Bouquet. I promised to share them (below). But first, here are some tips for finding a local flower farmer […]

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Floral choreography

by Debra Prinzing March 10, 2012 Florists and Floral Designers

A new season for bouquet-making Spring is nearly here, and that means The 50 Mile Bouquet’s publishing date is also nearly here – April 1st! If, like us, you can’t wait for its arrival, we encourage you to pre-order a copy right now. As we wait for that exciting date, it doesn’t mean that this […]

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The 50 Mile Bouquet . . . nearly there, in the news and more

by Debra Prinzing February 5, 2012 How We Did It

Nearly sleepless in Seattle The opening weeks of 2012 have been super busy (shall we say we’re nearly sleepless-in-Seattle?), which is one reason why this blog has been less than active. Picture your intrepid floral-reporter (Debra), frantically writing captions for something like 200 gorgeous photographs, while our wonderful editor Cathy Dees has been combing through […]

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Meet an urban floral forager

by Debra Prinzing December 18, 2011 Gathered in the Wild

Vicki Prosek, Florist-@-Large While creating The 50 Mile Bouquet, we’ve visited, interviewed and photographed some incredibly inspiring talents – floral designers and farmers alike.  Baylor Chapman of Lila B. Floral & Event Design and Max Gill of Max Gill Design, two gifted Bay Area floral designers we will feature, told us about Vicki Prosek and her sister Valerie Prosek. […]

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Less-Than-Grand Gestures

by David Perry November 28, 2011 Do It Yourself Projects

Gifts to oneself needn’t ask much of the giver.   I tend to keep something, some small, seasonal, visual treat on the windowsill above my kitchen sink, year round. This is not done in some effort to impress, or to call attention . . . it is not a display area for the ‘Grand Gesture’ […]

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Our Whirlwind Trip to LA

by David Perry November 11, 2011 Come along with us on a farm visit

  Three Uniquely SoCal Stories: Organic Flower Farming, a Floral Boutique and DIY Floral Design Workshops In the tangible, physical world, there are limits to pretty much everything. Certainly there are limitations to books, to what can done between the front and back covers, what can be gathered, included, shared. As we move closer and closer to […]

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From a father’s heart to a daughter’s hands

by Debra Prinzing October 28, 2011 Gathered in the Wild

David Austin’s horticulture expert selects romantic roses for his daughter’s wedding “I’ll be in Seattle in a few weeks – for my daughter’s wedding,” Michael Marriott told me during a dinner we shared with several others at the Garden Writers Association annual symposium in Indianapolis this past August. “She must be planning on using some of […]

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Organic Flower Power

by Debra Prinzing October 23, 2011 Come along with us on a farm visit

Our storytelling passion makes it to the small screen in an episode of PBS’s “Growing a Greener World” Today, the online version of “Organic Flower Power” went “live.”  We were thrilled to be part of this 30-minute episode highlighting all that David and I have been working on as story-gatherers and storytellers who want to […]

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