Building a Mother’s Day bouquet

by Debra Prinzing on May 6, 2010

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Lessons from an organic bouquet-maker

At California Organic Flowers, Lisa is bouquet-maker extraordinaire

Yesterday was pretty awesome. David and I spent the day with Marc Kessler and Julia Keener, flower farmers and owners of Chico, Calif.-based California Organic Flowers. In future posts, we’ll have lots more to share about our visit and what we observed and learned from this talented couple and their committed crew of organic flower growers. Until then, this video clip I shot will give you a glimpse of the lush and lovely creations coming out of this sustainable, family-owned business.

We went in anticipation of Mother’s Day, one of the floral industry’s largest and most important “holidays.” While some moms will receive deliveries of flowers grown halfway around the world, harvested a few weeks ago and then shipped via Miami to their ultimate destination, the moms who are lucky enough to receive a box from California Organic Flowers will know they hold in their hands seasonal flowers grown organically and harvested the same day they were arranged into a bouquet and shipped.  That’s a pretty sweet expression of love.

Lisa, chief bouquet-maker, took the time to explain how she designs the Happy Mother’s Day Bouquet:


There’s more where this came from! I know David captured other video and amazing photographs. We’ll share more soon.

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