Our original inspiration: Amy Stewart, Flower Confidential

by Debra Prinzing

Meet the bestselling author:

“Given a choice, who wouldn’t want a flower that is grown organically?” –Amy Stewart

In 2007, writer Amy Stewart published Flower Confidential: The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful in the Business of Flowers. It was a huge success, making the New York Times best-seller list. Flower Confidentialinfluenced the way many florists viewed the cut-flower industry, inspiring them to reimagine their design practice with a more sustainable approach.

Amy elevated an awareness among flower consumers, growers and designers of the $40 billion global cut-flower industry. She highlighted the manner in which flowers are bred, grown, and brought to market. Flower Confidential alerted passionate flower consumers to industry practices in which blooms are bred for their ability to be shipped, rather than for their fragrances or freshness. She made us think about the disconnect between the flower farmers and the bouquet on our kitchen tables. We yearned to discover, and reconnect, with a healthy, flower-filled lifestyle. One that keeps us close to nature, the environment, and the very blooms we so desire.

We can’t thank Amy enough for inspiring the many creative conversations that led to the decision to produce “A Fresh Bouquet.” She has not only inspired our vision for this book, she has graciously agreed to write its forward. Amy is a brilliant connector of ideas, sharing her suggestions, editorial advice, and – most of all – encouragement. Here is a link to the Cut-Flower posts dating back to 2006 on “Dirt,” Amy’s blog.

We are not alone in our enthusiasm for Amy. Here are comments from others she has influenced:

“My eyes were completely opened up when I bought Amy Stewart’s book, Flower Confidential. Her research gave me the tools and information I needed to help voice the suspicions I already had about the industry.  I am so grateful for the work she has done, and for the path she paved for eco-conscious florists.”  –Melissa Feveyear, Terra Bella Organic Flowers & Mercantile

“With Flower Confidential, Amy Stewart awakened a sleeping giant, introducing millions to the labyrinth of global cut flower production. We are grateful for her work which continues to raise consciousness about where and how flowers are grown– a service to conscientious flower farmers, florists and consumers everywhere.” –Dennis Westphall and Diane Szukovathy, Jello Mold Farm

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