What’s fresh in your garden today?

by David Perry on July 14, 2010

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Here: A fistful of common cuts, a vase and cool water.

Fresh for the cutting, today: Lady's Mantle, Bunny Tails grass, two colors of Masterwort, (Astrantia major), a stem or two of airy, Heuchera flowers and some campanula stalks. Neither fancy, fussy, nor difficult. Just happy.

When it’s hot out and your kitchen table really needs something cool and happy looking, resist all temptations to over think or over fuss. Instead, grab your clippers and head out on a five minute flower safari. Cut what is fresh right now, arrange it loosely and bring it indoors. Here I’ve placed a simple, “five-minute arrangement” on a favorite and kinda funky candle stand made from a four-foot drill bit. I’ve framed it visually then (for the sake of this photo), in strong afternoon sidelight and against the cool shaded foliage of a contorted filbert tree and a Persicaria “Red Dragon”, as background.

Enjoy . . .

In Response:

Here’s a playful note and photo in response to the post above. It comes from Leslie Skip Enge, an amazing artist, gardener and fly fishing buddy down in Vancouver, WA. Skip regularly cuts bouquets from his garden for his wife’s office and for their home. Take a peek:  Anyone else wanna’ play?

Photo © 2010, Leslie Skip Enge. "It's a weird one...breaking all of Dave Perry's photo background rules of engagement, but this reflects my hippy garden, where weeds share top billing with ornamentals..." Skip

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